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Guotai street lamp for you to simply introduce the LED street lamp shell

Date: 2015-11-23 12:46:28    Hits: 772

LED street lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy,beautiful appearance,itself is made of aluminum alloy,and fully solve the problem of high power LED heat dissipation.


The lamp body adopts high quality toughened glass,with good light,dustproof,waterproof,a full set of stainless steel fastener,lamp holder and the surface of the environmental protection of fluorocarbon electrostatic spraying,safe and reliable,long life and other characteristics.


The LED lamp is installed on the heat conduction substrate,and the heat generated by the LED lamp is transferred to the heat conduction substrate first,and the heat transfer to the thin wall cavity type heat sink is passed through the heat conduction substrate.Inside the shell,because the thin wall cavity of the heat sink,radiating plate cavity in the air under heating state,along the cavity formed low-end to high-end air flow,the cavity of the heat quickly brought out;and radiating fins surface in direct contact with the air,the heat spread out;heat sink with thin wall,the heat is not easy to gather in.

3,application scope:

Simple design,can meet the requirements of a variety of lamps,LED lamps,LED tunnel lights,LED lights,etc..