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Comparison between LED street lamp and traditional street lamp

Date: 2015-11-23 12:47:35    Hits: 678

The street light Market: high pressure sodium lamp,made for life quality and technical problems is relatively short,generally less than 3000 hours,imported with Philips best,reach 3000-4000 hours,monomer LED life of 80000 hours or more,the cluster into a large power LED,its service life is more than 60000 hours,is the best of HPS in circulation today more than 15 times the life,that is,high pressure sodium lamp replacement more than 15 times,to replace a LED lamp,don"t live in the cost of replacing the light source,and thus the maintenance cost and the inconvenience caused is the most obvious comparison,for special purposes (street,difficult to change,to spend a certain amount of manpower.Machine resources to complete the operation.

With the general use of high power LED in lighting decoration and lighting,power LED driver is becoming more and more important.Road lighting will be the possibility of using high power LED lighting.Road lamps are the longest and power consumption of the lamp,the use of LED lights will greatly reduce the city"s power shortage,saving energy.

But the LED street lamp instead of traditional street lights in the cost of the light source is not dominant,but in the laying cost,LED street lamp can light source cost savings will be made,after use to save electricity is income,as well as their life brings benefits and harm,the greater the installation path longer save cost,(the above does not include poles,installation,maintenance and other costs actually installed LED street lamp required costs far below cost of the installation of the traditional street lamp).

Due to the street lights are horizontal inserted type,use LED manufacturing can only be made single light,but it only takes in the exact position of the lighting tune,does not affect the illumination effect.The power of street lamp is divided into 20W,30W,40W,50W with high power LED manufacturing,long service life,maintenance free.Because of the low voltage,low voltage and current of LED,the installation of the cable is reduced and the installation cost is saved.

Traditional street lamps require a large power supply system.Power transformers are very expensive.And the traditional lamp voltage can not be too big fluctuations,otherwise,it will seriously affect the life of the lamp.And LED street lamp with the driver module,no need for large transformers.This aspect also saves the cost of LED street lamp.